Services We Offer:


                         Fire Alarms -  Maintenance, Inspections, Installations, and Sales.

                  Sprinkler Systems -  Inspection and Repair.

                     Fire Extinguishers -  Inspection, Sales, Service, and Maintenance.

                                                                  Training including live hands-on fire classes.

                     Suppression System - Clean agent Inspection and service.

                                                                        Industrial Dry Chem Inspection, Service,

                                                                        and Installation, Restaurant System,

                                                                        Inspections, Service, and Installation.

                   Emergency Lights -  Inspections, Sales, and Service. 

                   BackFlow Services -  Inspections and Service.

                  Security - CC / TV -   Maintenance, Installation and Sales.         

                                                                  Bosch Radionics Dealer.

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SFS is your #1 Stop for Fire Safety...

SFS Inc. is your #1 stop for Fire Safety. Why have 2 or 3 or even more Fire Safety Companies handle your safety needs when all you need is one company to handle them all for you. Plus SFS offers you discounts on multiple services and of course you will Always receive our NEVER Ending Customer Appreciation Program. Why not take advantage of these savings because you wont receive them anywhere else. Our prices are already competitive or below competitive and you get all these fantastic benefits to ad to it.

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